Thursday, September 1, 2011

In love with change

As previously stated, things have been kind of boring lately. And for those of you who know me, I get really restless with boredom. So I took some initiative to change. 

Change #1: Hair really does make a huge difference. Why didn't anyone tell me it looked so bad?

Change #2: 4,000 Footers Club! Hubby and I decided we want to accomplish a membership into the 4k Club over the next year or so. 

Mount Osceola 4,340ft
Prior to the "hurricane" we headed up to Mount Osceola for a day hike. Hubby and some friends had done the hike a couple weeks before, but it's on the list, and we both have to peak it. So he agreed to join me. What a nice hubby. 
Mount Osceola 

Took 1hr:42mins to reach the peak. (Considering it took him and his friends 3 hours, I think we did fairly well.) We both carried packs weighing around 20-30lbs to acclimate our bodies to hiking with some weight.
East Osceola Mountain 4,156ft

Because we got up there so early, we were able to hike the one mile to East Osceola.  But I will say it was the most challenging part of the hike. At one point you were literally rock climbing up the extremely steep part. But we managed just fine. After peaking East Osceola, we headed back to Osceola for some lunch. Throughout the hike we kept running into other spirited hikers enjoying the pre-hurricane weather. I always loving talking to other hikers at the top. Some of them are pretty entertaining.

After lunch, we descended down the mountain with every intention of timing our pace. We were making great time, averaging about 1 hour to reach the base. About 40 mins in, I fell. Yeah, splat, right on some rocks. I'm still not sure how I managed this. The rocks were covered in moss and the moment I stopped really focusing, I slipped. Slammed my knee against a rock, bounced the side of my leg off another, pulled my left shoulder and hip trying to brace myself. Fabulous. 

 It was a lot worse than this looks. It's currently a lovely shade of violet while my shin is emerald.
Tumble Surprise

We got to the base with a total time of 1hr:42mins. Same time it took to get to the top. I was not thrilled. But we still stopped for dinner at Woodstock Inn & Brewery, so that helped. I had the waiter get me some ice and thankfully I remembered to bring a bandana and a plastic bag. 
Icing my poor knee.

I managed to ice it all day Sunday hunkered down during the storm. Still is a little sore, slightly nervous about this weekend. I have a feeling Ibuprofen and I will be having an affair on the mountain. Wish me luck.

4,000 Footers Accomplished:
East Osceola

Mountains Attempting this weekend:
West Bond
North Twin
South Twin

~Don't worry people, I've tested myself everyday. Still not pregnant.

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