Friday, March 15, 2013

Eating Vegetarian While Pregnant

Recently, I've gotten more questions on whether or not I'm eating vegan or vegetarian through this pregnancy. Which then sparked the question for me and hubby, will we be feeding our child the same way? My quick answer is yes. But who knows how that will actually go.

For now, I thought I'd focus on what I'm eating. I've continued to eat vegetarian based, with occasional fish. I am attempting to cut down on my dairy intake. (Mostly because things stop moving through my intestines when I eat too much dairy, and my weight always seems to increase as well. And to be really honest, and kind of gross, dairy seems to give me hemroids. Yes you read that right. A lovely side effect from being pregnant, and increased blood supply, even down there. But I have found that when I eat too much dairy, especially sour cream, or anything else cream based, they get worse.)

So what am I eating every day?

On a normal day, the schedule below is pretty accurate. Obviously my main meals change daily. I find I don't like eating the same thing for dinner every day. Probably because the rest of my day is usually the same. Need some variety, ya know?

Breakfast: 8am-10am

VegaOne Protein Smoothie
This usually consists of 1/2 banana, 1/2 c berries, 1 scoop VegaOne, 1 small kale leaf, 1 c Vanilla Coconut Milk. Sooooo good!

Snack: 10-11am


Lunch: 12-1pm

Salad, Soup or this lovely dish
Mixed salad, fresh tabouleh, homemade hummus, half an avocado drizzled with olive oil, and 2 slices of grilled foccasia bread. This great little cafe in Maynard creates this dish, and it's one of my favorites! Always fresh, and so filling. Thankfully, my little lady seems to like it too, because I keep fining myself craving it.

Snack: 3pm

Larabar or a piece of fruit

Dinner: 6-8:30pm 

Time depends on when hubby gets home, or when hunger takes over.
Eggplant Salad on Quinoa

Desert: 8:30pm

I allow myself 1 sweet item a day. Lately it's been chocolate pudding. Not usually a huge fan, but can't get enough lately. Just 1 small cup, usually about 110 calories.

Plenty of healthy calories, tons of nutrition, and thankfully I've been lucky enough that no aversions have happened. I've found I'm craving fruit, veggies, chocolate and now salads. (Something I've never really been a huge fan of.) Yesterday I ended up having salad for lunch, and made another for dinner. (This is definitely my husband's kid, because the man eats salad religiously!) So glad she's getting plenty of nutrition in there. Hoping it continues this way.

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