Wednesday, February 29, 2012

The "M" Word

I am happy to report I am not pregnant. Nor have I miscarried. This post could have been a lot different. Thankfully, it's not. Sunday, with no sign of my period insight, and 15 days post peak, I decided to test. Light blue line. Awesome. I get that pretty much every time I test. Fast forward to Monday morning. Wake up bleeding. Good thing I didn't get excited.

You may want to stop reading if you have a weak stomach. If not, you've been warned...

While at work on Monday, I excused myself to the restroom to find 2, not just 1, but 2 pieces of tissue on my pad. I have only ever had this happen one other time. I didn't freak out, surprisingly. I stayed calm, and called Dr. C. He was alarmed and ask me to save it, and come in that night for blood work and pathology on the tissue. So I left work early, yet again, and headed to his office. Picked up the paper work and headed straight to the lab.

Yesterday on my drive home, I got a call from his nurse. She had the tone of voice where you could just tell she felt bad about what she had to say, the sympathy tone. She said my hcg was .7 but they didn't have the results from the tissue. They would know in a few days and call me. From what she explained, it sounded like she was telling me that I was miscarrying. Usually anything over .5 is considered a positive. So I braced myself for bad news.

Today, on my way back from lunch with Hubby, I realized I had a voicemail. It was Dr. C. Got to love this man, he leaves long, detailed messages, so that there's no confusion in what he's telling you. I did not miscarry. There was no indication of conception in the tissue and the blood work apparently didn't show any trace of pregnancy. Thank the Lord!

Normally I have been having 4-5 days of brown spotting. When that never came and the bright red did, I got nervous. I haven't had a "normal" period in.......I don't know how long. So all this was, was a healthy happy period.

Things can always be worse. I'm just happy to say that it wasn't another "m" word.

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