Thursday, February 16, 2012

Pycnogenol & Piroxicam

The last few weeks have been pretty boring. However, this week, I've learned a hell of a lot more knowledge. We had our usual 3 month follow up with Dr C to go over charting and new suggestions. I was not expecting what he had to say. No, I'm not pregnant. Don't get excited. But you should get excited about what I'm going to tell you.

I walked into the appointment with the fear that my body was reverting to a year ago. My charting had been all over the place the last 2-3 cycles. With the understanding that we had a very early miscarriage in December, I've been revolting against charting. I was still keeping track because I know it's important, but I refused to look at it every day or write down each evening. And after seeing that my cycles had been pretty messed up, I had this awful feeling I would be getting bad news. However, on Tuesday, yes Valentine's Day, Dr. C  gave us a glimmer of hope.

He has been following the life's work of an Australian Ob. Don't ask me his name because I can't remember. He had spent his life studying post miscarriage cycles. He had determined that it took the female body 3 months to completely heal. The first cycle never releases an egg. The follicle never ruptures. The second cycle a premature follicle releases. And the third cycle, well I honestly can't remember. We'll get back to that, if I can remember. So how does this affect me? The blood work from December only slightly indicated a miscarriage. But my charting the last 2 months, has been precisely what the Australian Ob's work indicated. We now have confirmation that we definitely miscarried.

I guess that doesn't sound like good news. But it is to me. I finally have proof that these thoughts and feelings aren't fake, but real.  I'm no longer convinced I'm crazy.

Moving on.

So what the hell is Pycnogenol & Piroxicam? Two new things I am taking.
Pycnogenol -an antioxidant plant extract from the bark of the French maritime pine tree, significantly reduces symptoms of endometriosis by 33 percent (bet you didn't know that.)

Piroxicam is an anti-inflammatory that helps boost implantation. Don't believe me, read this.

So what did we find this week? A new found hope.

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