Friday, December 2, 2011

Trust Your Gut

I know you're all waiting for a big announcement, that I really wish I could give you. I do however want to take this day to announce:


I joined Faces of Loss, Faces of Hope recently and shared our story. You can read it here if you haven't already. I've been keeping up with the daily posts and there is always a consistent lack of follow through or better yet CARE, by the doctors. And many women say the same thing "I knew something was wrong." So why doesn't your doctor listen to you? Why aren't you being adamant on being seen?

There's something I've learned from my experience, always trust your gut. Know your body, know your instincts. Don't listen to the doctor when they say bleeding is normal during pregnancy. Yes, some bleeding is, but more cases than not, it's a warning sign. Having pregnancy symptoms one day, and the next they've disappeared is a sign. Demand to be seen. I don't care how crazy you sound or feel, if you have a concern, voice it. You are your only advocate.
One of the reasons I love Dr. C is because he actually cares. My cousin who referred me to him, shared that when she discovered she was finally pregnant, Dr. C wanted to see her that day. Not because he was concerned of any issues, he wanted to do everything in his power to let that life breath the air we breath, have a future. Does your doctor care that much? If he or she doesn't, find a new one! Find someone that understands your concerns and addresses them quickly. It may be the difference between loss and life.

For those of you concerned about seeing a religious doctor/practice, don't be. I had the same concerns and reservations. If you're struggling to conceive, find a NaPro doctor in your area. In no way do they push their beliefs on you. They are well educated, beyond the normal OB, to assist with fertility. Their goal is to help you get pregnant, and stay pregnant. Is that your fertility doctors main focus? Or are they just focused on the getting pregnant part? I know the difference now and would never trust pregnancy with anyone else. In 7 months, this man has given us the one thing we lost: HOPE.  He found numerous underlying issues that IVF never looked at or even thought of.
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Have you experienced recurrent miscarriage? Having you been trying for months with no results? Is your gut telling you something is wrong? Take control of your fertility, and contact a NaPro doctor. It was the best thing I ever did.

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And don't hesitate to email me questions, I'm happy to answer any and all.

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