Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Inner Struggle

Still no period.
Don't think about it.
Am I pregnant?
No, you're getting your period.
I would have had it by now.
Maybe my bodies finally regulated, and this is my new schedule.
Or maybe you're pregnant.
I wouldn't have all this mucus if I was pregnant.
Would you?
I don't know.

Another barely there line. Awesome.
There's no line, you're seeing things.
Maybe it will be darker tomorrow.
Or maybe you're just getting your period.
Then why am I not cramping?
Because you're pregnant.
Shut up.

Why isn't this mucus becoming spotting?
Because you're pregnant.
There's no way I'm pregnant, this is nothing like last time.
Every pregnancy is different.
So is every period.
Why won't the line just show up?
Why won't my period just show up?
What the hell is happening?
You're pregnant.
You're getting your period.

Will the both of you please shut the fuck up?!

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