Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Discouraged to Encouraged

Having taken a week off prior to Thanksgiving, my boss was not too thrilled that I needed to leave early for yet another doctors appointment during a 3 day work week. However he thankfully knows our circumstances, and has been very understanding. So we scooted out of work at 2:30 and drove to Dr. C's office.

I've been losing all kinds of hope lately. Having charted my cycle for now the 7th month, tried 3 months of letrozole, surgery, blah, blah, blah, I have not been Ms. Positive. I've wanted to quit, I've wanted to try IVF again, I've wanted to adopt. I've wanted just about everything. So when we finally met with Dr. C, I know he could see how discouraged we were, especially me. He however, was more positive this time than ever before. He reviewed my charting and blurted out "This is wonderful! Look at this change!" What? Are you serious? This looks wonderful to you? I've had random mucus every month, how is that wonderful?!

But he was right. This was the first month we can actually look at as a positive month to try. Each month prior, my body wasn't ready. It has taken 4 months or healing from surgery, regulating my thyroid, upping my immune system and letting my body finally have a real cycle. Previously I only had 1 dry day after menstruation and about 4-5 days of spotting brown. (TMI?) All gone! I had a normal 4 day flow, followed by 4 dry days, and 4 days of great peak type mucus. (We even tried a suggested position a couple times. Now that's TMI.) So this is really month 1 of trying. And I'm sure I'm going to regret mentioning this, but I've had cramping consistently for 8 days. Dr. C first did not say anything about that, but towards the end of the appointment he said "Well you have had cramping, which could mean things are already happening." I'm still not so sure that's the case. But we'll sure find out. He also said to wait 17 days post peak to test. He obviously doesn't know I pee on a stick every morning.

This may get too detailed for some of you, so you may want to end it here.

So back to the mucus issue, that I was all concerned about, but Dr. C was not. Apparently my cervix has slightly curls open to the point that it has exposed some tissue. That tissue does not like the hostility that is acidic vaginal mucus. In order to protect itself, it creates more peak mucus (which comes from the cervix to help settle things down and bring down the inflammation. And because the cervix has opened slightly, it traps some mucus which may finally retreat several days later. (Hence the random peak mucus I've been seeing.) Sooooo....apparently all is well in the land of my vagina.

The good news:
-No more naltrexone, possibly only one more month of letrozole, possibly only a couple more months of thyroid meds.
-After regulating my system, NaPro has proven pregnancies occurring within 12 months.
-There is a strong chance we'll conceive naturally now that things are looking better.

The bad news:
-Hubby has been told he should schedule surgery. We've done pretty much everything we can to improve me. Now it's time to have Hubby do everything he can.
-Hubby also needs to start taking ProXeed. (Good bye spending money.) A 3 months supply is $356. Sperm takes 3 months for the body to create. So no matter what we're looking at, atleast 3-6 months of using it.

The hope is that starting the ProXeed asap, and having the surgery asap, will give us a double boost in production 3 months down the road.

The real hope is I'm already pregnant. (Which I still strongly feel like is not the case.)

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