Tuesday, May 31, 2011

A Bitter/Sweet Weekend

After months of planning, my husband's best friend and fiance's wedding was finally here. Thankfully we didn't have too travel far, as the wedding was being held only about an hour away. Friday evening was spent running errands, packing and doing some last minute laundry. Saturday morning, we showered and quickly ran out the door to view an apartment/condo for rent. (It's perfect, hopefully it will be ours.) We rushed back home, pulled everything together and packed up the Mini and headed to Waltham.

The rehearsal dinner was held at Elephant Walk which caters to just about every diet, including vegan. (Got to love a very well organized bride, always thinking of everyones needs.) The groom's nephew who is just shy of 6 months was there, as adorable as they come. Having convinced myself recently that "everything is fine, don't need to have a baby at this moment", I found myself yearning to hold this little smiling man. It's amazing how you can fool yourself into thinking something when the very thing isn't around. I realized then, that I'm not fooling anyone, especially myself. I still desperately want to have a child of my own. Any time soon would be nice.

After a lovely luncheon with an amazing meal, we headed to the hotel bar for a meet and greet. Relaxed there until about 7:30pm and drove into Cambridge to crash at our friends apartment. Got some take out, watched "The Switch" then curled up on the air mattress for some much needed cuddling.

The day of the wedding was filled with running around, assisting the bride in applying make up, followed by her mother. Left their house to pick up roses and champagne for their hotel suite, then checked into the hotel and began getting ready. Somewhere in between my phone rang. Driving a manual and operating a cell phone are two things that I refuse to do at once. Thankfully it was my sister, and I figured I'd just give her a ring later.

The afternoon continued to be filled with much running around, then finally settled in at the Paine Estate for the nuptials. A beautifully sunny day with a light breeze accompanied a gorgeous ceremony. Cocktail hour quickly passed and I found myself sitting alone at our table for a moment. I pulled out my cell phone to see if I missed any calls, and remembered I had a message from my sister. I stepped outside to phone her back. The moment my day went from sweet, to bitter. My mother's aunt, who has courageously been battling a brain tumor had taken a turn for the worst. Knowing I couldn't be there, I said an Our Father and a quick Hail Mary in her name. Pulled my husband aside for a moment so I could tear up, then attempted to put myself back together.

The following morning was welcomed with a large breakfast buffet with lots of tea. Prayed another Our Father and Hail Mary while lying in bed. As we are packing up to leave the hotel, I notice I have a second message. I listen then quickly phone my sister back. Our beloved Auntie Paula passed away peacefully, succumbing to her disease. Paula was always a bright shining face that could light up any one's day. She was a religious woman who had the patience of an angel. She will forever be in my heart. I know that she is just another angel looking down upon us, watching over everyone just as she did when she was alive. This post is dedicated to her.

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