Monday, May 23, 2011

NaPro Eve

So tomorrow is a pretty big day. We've waited 5 weeks for this appointment, which thankfully flew by. Between all the big changes we are making, I'm still glad the appointment is finally here. Although, I've been battling the worst allergies I've ever had, mixed with a pretty bad sinus infection, and on top of that, this month's cycle has been a nightmare. The more I look into it, the more I think I keep having chemical pregnancies. After spotting for 4-5 days straight, I finally got my "period" for 1.5 days. For any other ladies that have gone through a miscarriage, you'll know what I'm about to say. You can feel the blood clots before they happen. During my miscarriage, I felt them every time, running to the bathroom in tears not being able to look. This month, I felt very similar clots. And that's about all this period was: clots. 

Knowing now, far more than I did before, I'm really starting to believe there is something wrong with me. I'm praying the NaPro doctor is able to determine what that is. Although he's pretty adamant that I have endometriosis, I'm interested to see what he finds. I feel like I'm able to get pregnant, I'm just not staying pregnant. With Spring, as always, comes baby fever. Everyone has waited out the winter to announce their pregnancies. For me, I'm staying focused on my "big changes", packing up my life, waiting to here if we are moving, and doing what I love: decorating! So I'm throwing myself into our new humble abode and looking forward to some answers. 

In a way, it kind of feels like Christmas Eve today. Hoping tomorrow brings me some joy.


  1. praying for you two as always! <3 looking forward to reading about your appointment.

  2. Good luck tomorrow! I hope the best for you both! Hopefully they will help you, so you can continue with your journey toward parenthood. Love you, can't wait to hear how it goes... xoxoxo