Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Blue Skies and Answers

I woke up this morning with my head spinning after our appointment yesterday. After being bombarded with more information than I think I could handle, I slept so soundly and woke up to the sun finally shining! It's about stinkin' time. (Those living in New England know what I'm talking about.)

After years of hearing "you probably have endometriosis", I finally had a doctor wanting to do something about it. He asked 90 mins worth of questions and supplied us with answers no one has ever been able to give. I am amazed and truly in awe by the amount of knowledge this man has on the subject. It's upsetting that more people don't know about this type of practice because they have more information than any one else!

Let's start at the beginning. Most of the appointment was focused around me and my ill working ovaries. His concern was centered around possible endometriosis or poly cystic ovarian syndrome. He was able to rule out the poly cystic and stated he's 98% sure I've had endometriosis for awhile. His solution is laproscopic surgery to remove the endo. For those of you unaware of what endo is: during menstration, the lining of your uterus sheds due to lack of embryo implantation. The tissue, instead of releasing through the vajajay travels back up and out the fallopian tubes into your lower abdomen area. The tissue likes to continue growing and can wrap around or attach to other organs causing severe pain. The other side affect is your body then creates antibodies to rid it's self of this tissue, thinking it's a foreign substance. The antibodies will also attack your uterus and ovaries, thus resulting in attacking an embryo resulting in early miscarriage or chemical pregnancy. Exactly what's been happening to me. The antibodies attack the uterine lining breaking down the blood turning it brown and sometimes black.  Once the tissue is cleaned out, you have a 9-12 month window for prestine baby making conditions.

Second concern: I may have issues with my thyroid. Having several family members with thyroid issues as well, we will begin testing almost every other day throughout my cycle to check appropriate hormone levels and thyroid levels. He gave me a great website to refer to and find a supplement that could possibly make a difference. I will also be meeting with a woman who teaches the Creighton Model which is an all natural approach to family planning. They teach you how to monitor your cycle and what signs to look for to either acheive pregnancy or avoid it.

Third concern is possible deficiencies. Having already started taking a magnesium supplement, I know the power it has. The second was a Vitamin D3 deficiency, which I'll being taking as well. The last is B6. All of these vitamins are important factors in acheiving and maintaining pregnancy. Dr. C stated that he's had paitents in the past who were unsuccessful in IVF, but just by taking these supplements, were successful. (If you are trying to acheive pregnancy, I strongly urge you to begin taking these supplements. There is tons of research through NaPro linking their importance.

So now that you are just as overwhelmed as I am......

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