Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Oh Change, How I Love & Hate You

So, apparently I must have been feeling like my life was becoming too stagnant. Or maybe it's because of everything that has happened. Or because I'm someone who embraces change with open arms. Whatever the reason may be, almost every aspect of my life has changed in the blink of an eye. I was lucky enough to be offered a position at my husband's company about a month ago, that I eagerly agreed to take. I must say, I'm enjoying it. Seeing hubby at work is fabulous and brings a smile to my face. It's funny because we kept saying we didn't think we saw each other enough and thought it would be nice to work together. Then low and behold, his boss offers me a job. However I was working only part time, and have now jumped to full time. (Agh.) Big change in schedule, which lead to the next change.

For those of you who don't know me well, I have been living with my husband's family for about a year and a half now. (Insert snarky comment here.) For anyone asking "How do you live with in-laws?!", I respond with "You obviously have never met mine." They are the most sincere, genuine people that you could ever meet. They are far easier to live with than I am and they have been a true blessing to have in my life. (We like to think of ourselves as living a European lifestyle; family lives together.) With all the losses in our lives over the past 7  months, we have all truly been able to appreciate one another and the support we've all received has gotten us through. And although I love living with them, we have decided it's time to be on our own again. Hubby and I are both sad and nervous to be leaving, but we know it's the right time. Amazingly enough we found a place in less than a week. Much sooner than we anticipated. But it's big and beautiful and we're excited for the move. 

On top of all the change, I'm convinced I've had, yet again, another chemical pregnancy. Hubby and I planned it just right, watched my cycle and enjoyed a  planned "evening" just the two of us. Two days later I had light spotting. Then 4 days after that I began having more spotting. Instead of your usual array of reds, mine have been brown and black. (For those of you ladies experiencing the same, be sure to check with your doctor if endomeitriosis is possible. That is one of the many signs.) Next week is our meeting with the NaPro doctor. Hopefully I can finally get some answers.

So let's see, I've changed my job, my car and now my living arrangements. What else is life going to throw my way?


  1. Congrats on the new place! I want the deits! Still thinking and praying for you guys! xoxo

  2. Congrats with all of the great changes in your life. Good luck next week! xoxo

  3. Glad you are enjoying all the changes. Sounds like you're in a great 'place'. I have a lot of faith in Dr. C. he's a really sweet and gentle guy. He reminds me of Willy Wonka, except not scary at all. Still praying for you guys too.