Friday, April 1, 2011

And So It Begins....

I woke up yesterday morning with some pretty painful lower back tension. Partially caused by my bed which mixed with my stress to equal a whole lot of tightness. Not a good way to start the day. Plus I had to be up and out the door by 7am for my ultrasound. For someone not usually alive until about 9am, that's pretty early. So, I drove myself to Lexington,  which took almost an hour, got to love Concord rotary traffic. Blood was drawn, internal ultrasound was done. One big follicle on my right side was ready to release it's egg any day now. I got the call later that afternoon, I am right on track, levels are perfect.

Embryo transfer has been set for Wed, April 6th. Thankfully in the mean time, my estrogen pills have been cut back to 2 pills, twice a day. However, I now begin the progesterone shots. The last round I had used the suppository, which I don't recommend. It's nasty and you really can't have sex on it. (If you do, your hubby should "wrap it up".) The alternative to the suppository is the injection. I have yet to watch the video on how to administer it, but from what I understand, it must be jabbed into a muscle. Agh. Not looking forward to that.

Once again, I will be having acupuncture on the day of the transfer. (Studies have shown an increased % of pregnancy success by combining IVF and acupuncture.) One fun fact that I learned from the acupuncturist is to keep your feet warm. The meridian that flows to your reproductive organs, for both male and female, begins in your feet. If you're feet are always cold, like mine, you are restricting blood flow to those important organs. She recommended these amazing slippers by The North Face. I ordered mine on, but I'm pretty sure you can get them just about anywhere. Think of it as a down blanket just for your tootsies, plus they can come with fur lining, faux of course. I'm praying by some miracle they get here quickly.
The North Face Women's NSE Tent Mule Fur II

Other things to consider when going through IVF, is chiropractic care and massage. Our spine is what relays the messages from our brain to all areas of our body. If your spine isn't healthy or struggling to function correctly, imagine what that can do to your body. And, we use our muscles every day and even they need special treatment now and then. Treat yourself to a massage pre-transfer. It will help you to relax and de-stress. I know I am.  :)


  1. Those slippers contain "power down and feather insulation". The down is made from bird feathers. I thought you said you were vegan?

  2. Sad to say I eat Vegan, but that doesn't mean my entire life is Vegan. I know. I'm mean and probably a hypocrite in your eyes.

  3. I want to wish both you and you're husband continued strength, determination, and optimisim in your journey toward parenthood. I also want to suggest a restaurant to you to add to your "Good Eats" page. It's called Garden Grille Cafe in Pawtucket, RI (vegetarian & vegan options). It's delicious if you're ever in the area!

    Much love...

  4. All my positive energy thoughts will be heading your way in the next few weeks. Love ya!

  5. As always, you are on my mind. Love and luck :-)