Monday, April 11, 2011

Annoyed, Irritable & Jealous

I'm feeling really annoyed, irritable and jealous today. It could be the lack of a line on the pee stick, or that it seems like everyone around me is pregnant, just had a baby, or already has kids. I had a fabulous weekend that kept my mind off the whole thought of possibly being pregnant. But this morning it seemed to slap me in the face.

I tend to wake up around 6:30 every morning, but today the ear piercing birds chirping outside my window awoke me at 5:15. Knowing that the transfer was 5 days ago, so technically I should be at day 25 in my cycle, I was anxious to take a preggo test. Some how I was able to drift back to sleep until my husband's alarm startled me at 7am. I peeled myself out of bed, grabbed the test and stumbled to the bathroom. No line, not even a hint of a line. I'm trying to remain positive, although today's mood seems to be making that a challenge. Over the past few days I have had some light nausea off and on. I've been pretty tired, but that could be from the lack of sleep this weekend and the nausea from all the stress. I've also had some slight cramping, very brief and sporadically. Of course all of these symptoms could be attributed to my potential on coming period, or that the transfer actually worked and I'm pregnant. 

Being severely disappointed with the negative pregnancy test, I started to do a little research to see when the appropriate time is to test. Yes, I know my doctor told me not to take a home test, but let's be real people, do they really expect anyone to follow that? I did come across one woman on a forum that stated she had negative results on several home tests when she was actually pregnant. I also read that there is a longer waiting time for frozen transfers of day 5 embryos to get a true result. I am going to do my very best to wait until at least Friday to test again, but knowing me I'll be testing every morning. The true blood test is Monday, April 18th. Let's hope my birthday wish comes true.


  1. aww you poor thing. I could see your tired eyes this morning. We're all rootin' for ya! Stay positive, keep reading your books, maybe that will help stress, ease time and keep you occupied.

  2. I also took several tests that came back negative and was pregnant with Bobby the entire time. And they were the digital tests! So don't stress too much, we are all praying for you! Enjoy what are hopefully the last few days being (atleast until it's confirmed) child-free : )

  3. I just needed to tell my wife that I love her and that there is nothing on this planet that will stop me from making us a family.


  4. Everyones hormones increase at a different rate, and you may just not have enough yet for it to show up. Hang in there, it will happen for you, Celia! You are in my thoughts :)

  5. Celia, your hubby is a gem. His comment brought tears to my eyes. No matter what, you are a lucky lady.