Friday, May 24, 2013

A Few of My Favorite (Pregnancy) Things

I know, I'm seriously slacking on getting the natural induction post up. I promise to have it up next week. (I've sort of been in this calm, pregnancy fog this week, and super tired. And I need to find the time to actually gather all the accurate info.)

Anyways, I thought it might be nice to share some things that I've found super helpful during his pregnancy. As time progresses, I've come to appreciate some of these more than others. Here goes....

1. Maternity Spanx

My thighs rub, like seriously rub. And this added weight has engorged them even further. And seeing as dresses and skirts are most comfortable right now, these suckers have been a dream come true. Not only do they help to support your growing belly, they smooth out all those unwanted lines under sheer fabric. And of course they keep that thigh abrasion down.

2. Boppy Pregnancy Pillow

I bought this way back when I was about 14 weeks pregnant. Walked buy it in Target in their baby section, and snatched it right up. I've had issues with my sciatic nerve on my right side, for a couple years now. This pillow not only wraps under your head, but rests down between your knees. Thus keeping your hips and back aligned properly. And now that I'm 32 weeks pregnant, it's still a life saver. I name him Juan. As in I-Juan-To-Sleep.

3. Starbucks To Go Iced Cup

Sounds silly, but this thing has helped me to chug down my morning smoothies, even when my taste buds weren't thrilled. The straw really helps to force things down when you don't want it permeating your entire mouth. I know, you can get a cheaper cup else where. Do as you like, but I strongly recommend getting at least 2.

4. Mustela Stretch Marks Double Action

Stretch Marks Double Action
I have stretch marks from my pubescent years when everything decided to grow all at once, in the span of about 2 months. My hips got them the worst. So needless to say I was really worried that my belly would soon be covered in them. I started using the Mustela lotion daily, around 14 weeks (I think). I'm on my third tube now, and I must say, I don't think I'll go without it, ever! Not only has it kept any belly stretch marks from appearing, but it seems to have helped those hip ones disappear as well. Huge fan, totally worth the money!

5. Birkenstock Arizona Sandal

Birkenstock  Stone Birkibuc  Arizona
I know, not the most fashionable of shoe choices. However, they are super comfortable and have adjustable straps. Seeing as my feet swell at different rates depending on the day, or what foot it is (my left is always far larger than the right) they have seriously helped to get me through. I found them on sale at Famous Footwear in the Stone leather, more gray than brown. Seem to pair pretty nicely with most things. And the comfort is incomparable. Ladies, if your feet and ankles are swelling, grab a pair, you'll thank me.

Happy Memorial Day everyone! Hopefully this rain clears out early than they are saying.


  1. Have you ever tried body glide? I love this stuff for chafing and I use it on my feet when I have shoes that are prone to blistering.

    Might be helpful this summer after baby comes and you want to ditch the spanx. You need so little of it that you could buy the trial size and it would probably last the summer.

    1. I have tried body glide. Worked okay for a bit, but seemed to wear off for me. I'll have to give it another shot post baby though. Thanks for the advice! :)