Wednesday, May 22, 2013

32 Weeks - Start of Month 8!

Baby Size: 
18.5" long  
4.5 lbs



Jumping Bean, she is always on the move

Baby Changes: 

  • She should be getting in her birthing position soon, head down
  • Her space is definitely a lot tighter in there
  • She has been majorly active at night, to the point she's waking up my husband
  • She rolls around a lot during the day too

Weight Gain: 
No clue, but definitely making better strides to eat more nutritiously

  • Fruit
  • Vegetables/Salad
  • Ice cream


Amazed that there's still none, although I have days when nothing sounds appetizing or appealing.


There's some major waddling happening.

Body Changes: 

Starting to notice that I need to stretch, like crazy. I'm super tight all over, and things are becoming more difficult to accomplish. Little lady is all up in my lungs now and I get breathless just walking up stairs. My ankles seem to always be puffy,  and I'm seriously missing my ankle bones.  Noticed some mild stretching/not really cramping "cramps", prep for birthing? Still having mucus daily. Hormones seem to be ramping up, and my patience is diminishing. My ass and thighs are definitely bigger, the shorts I bought 3 weeks ago, don't fit. Awesome.

Worst Moment this Week: 

Our Hypnobirthing class has ended. As much as I love having my Sunday nights back, I was really enjoying the class. Now to be sure I'm doing my home prep for labor and delivery.

Best Moment this Week: 

A friend of my MIL bought our little girl the most adorable shoes! She now has sparkly Sperry's! And my MIL bought a cute pair of crocheted sandals that match the bathing suit my SIL bought. So darn adorable! 

Looking Forward To: 
The long weekend! This whole working 5 days a week is just not cutting it anymore. 

Completed this week: 
  • Finished the family tree artwork
  • Washed all the cloth diapers we purchased
  • Almost done the growth chart, just a clear coat left
  • All of her bedding is in, and on the crib
  • Picked up another car seat base
  • Secured babysitting for when I come back to work
  • Picked up Hubby's old toy chest
  • Picked up the changing table for the downstairs
  • Packed our diaper bag (I'm sure there's a few things we're missing)
  • Borrowed carry on luggage for hospital bag
  • Finished our Hypnobirthing Class
  • Found relaxation music for birthing
  • Things to complete: 
    • order glider cushions
    • sign up for infant CPR class
    • clean Hubby's old toy chest from his parents
    • paint the changing table (for downstairs bath)
    • paint dresser & glider
    • start gathering items for our hospital bag
    • hang her mobile
  • Pregnancy sun burn. Not fun.
  • Hubby freaked out because apparently baby girl was jumping all around at about 12:45 am, what he explained as vibrating, and possibly attempting to stand up. (We are definitely going to have our hands full)
  • Excruciating pain on my sciatic nerve after baby girl apparently kicked it

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