Friday, February 15, 2013

The long awaited gender reveal.....

Unfortunately the majority of your guesses were wrong. Along with my husband, and in recent weeks, myself. I should have trusted my gut. Yes it's true, there's a little lady hiding out in my womb currently! She was just as active as our 12 week ultrasound, not sitting still and rolling all around. The poor tech took 30 mins to get all the measurements she needed. We saw her little fingers, toes, legs, arms, brain (which was pretty strange to see), and her quickly beating heart.

She has no modesty though, and had no problem flashing us her lady parts to ensure that yes, she is actually a girl. Twice to be exact. She's active, healthy, and measuring right on schedule. (Good girl!) And apparently she has my nose. Hubby was thrilled.

I must say, I'm now completely freaked out and scared shitless. The thought of raising a girl is overwhelming and quite intimidating. I'm praying she'll be a strong confident soul that loves herself. (I may have bought her a shirt that says "Love being me". I plan to do my very best to ensure she's comfortable in her own skin. It's one of the best things you can give a girl. (Thanks Mom for that!)

Other than that, I have no expectations. Seeing as she already does as she pleases, I'm pretty sure she'll give us a run for our money. Wish us luck!

Our Sweet Baby Girl


  1. yay!!! That's so exciting! Congrats!!!

    I'm due in July too and we find out this week whether we are having a boy or girl - I seriously can't wait!

    {love jenny xoxo}

    1. Thanks! We were so eager to know! Good luck <3