Wednesday, February 13, 2013

18 Weeks

Baby Size: 
Sweet Potato
5.6" long 
6.7 oz



Baby Changes: 

  • baby now yawns, hiccups, sucks and swallows 
  • twisting, rolling and punching too

Weight Gain: 
Not sure, but my maternity pants are still fitting over my ass.


Chips. Must. Refrain. 


Still nothing.


Belly is definitely popping now. 

Body Changes: 

Started feeling some back pain and soreness, especially after sitting for awhile. Also had some constipation, that thankfully went away with a little Colase. Definitely had some ligament stretching as well. Left side was so sore for the last few days. Finally feeling better. I've also felt lots of stretching under my belly. Pretty sure linea nigra is coming in as well, very faint right now.

Worst Moment this Week: 

Not being able to snowshoe during our weekend away because of the strained ligament. 

Best Moment this Week: 

Getting away for a few days. Definitely needed some down time, and time away. (And came home to a plowed driveway and shoveled walkway. Got to love condo living!)

Looking Forward To: 
Anatomy scan on Thursday. Hoping baby cooperates and isn't shy. We'll finally know if we'll be welcoming a son or daughter!

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