Wednesday, February 6, 2013

17 Weeks

Baby Size: 
5.1" long 
5.9 oz



Baby Changes: 

  • cartilidge is turning to bone
  • starting to gain some fat too
  • umbilical cord is growing thicker and stronger

Weight Gain: 
Seeing as I lost 3lbs from weeks 8 to 12, and then gained 8lbs back from week 12 to 16, I'm technically only up 5lbs. But I'm still looking at that 8lb gain in 4 weeks. Yikes!


Vegetables, finally! I've been eating a salad for lunch all week, and plenty of healthy snacks during the day.


Nothing, thankfully.


Belly officially sticks out pasts the boobs.

Body Changes: 

Besides the weight boobs are getting bigger by the day. Ugh. Apparently at the end of 2nd trimester, they are ready for breastfeeding. The changes are definitely being felt, I refer to it as "tingly nipples". (I like to text my husband that throughout the day as well.) Baby is moving a lot more, especially at night. Thanks kid! I noticed my pants are a little tighter as well, so I started back at the gym this week. Just walking, light weights, and squats. Lots of squats! Starting to get some inquisitive looks while working out though.

Worst Moment this Week: 

Watching that Disney commercial where the dad is talking about his 14 year old daughter loving some boy. I realized that if we are having a girl, she's going to date. I may have had a mini panic attack.

Best Moment this Week: 

Hubby coming home yesterday and telling me while driving home, he was thinking how he's going to be a Dad. That made me smile!

Looking Forward To: 
Our weekend away! Apparently Mother Nature remembered the last time we went to Nestlenook in February, there was no snow. That should not be the case this weekend!

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