Thursday, June 30, 2011

"So how are you?"

Lately my time has been spent slaving at work to get our new website I designed up and running. A little hard to do when the head honcho isn't here to finalize and approve the information. But, the design looks great and hopefully the functionality works as promised. In my spare time, the minimal that I seem to have, I've been spending with some ladies from my past. I've always been the girl that had a lot of friends, but not a lot of close friends. I seemed to spread myself out and lose touch when life got the best of me. So recently I've taken it upon myself to try to mend those thin threads holding my distant friendships together. This week alone I've shared a dinner with my past college roommates and at another time with my founding sorority sisters. (Yes, I was in a sorority, actually I started one. Don't judge.)  Although I see one of my old roommates every couple of months, the other I haven't seen in about 2 years, nor have I seen my founding sisters in a good 3 years. 

I am always amazed catching up with people I haven't seen in long spans of time. Life always seems chaotic on my end, then listening to everyone else's, just makes me realize I'm not the center of the universe. Between moving back with parents, having babies (no, not me), taking a chance to move far away or finding the love of your life, everyone seems to be at the same point. Although relationship wise we would fill a broad scope, our lives seem to in the same realm. We've taken chances, we've found love, we've walked away from love, we've gotten hired, we've been let go. All of it makes my eyes open to the things I've accomplished and the things I wish to. Getting ready to move has really helped to occupy my brain for the last two weeks. However when asked how the packing is going, my current response is "I haven't really done any". Cause let's face it, I just don't care right now. Having packed up a whole house of shit, moving from one bedroom into a condo feels like a piece of cake. Which I'm sure I'll be more than overwhelmed come Saturday morning. 

So to top off our big move, I have an 8am appt with the RN for Creighton on Friday, an 11am with the surgeon followed by moving all my crap. What a way to start a 4 day weekend! And to add to the fun, I've been experiencing hives covering my entire legs, yup, just my legs, a mini stomach bug(?), and now complete and utter pain encompassing my intestines after I attempted to eat fish again. (Note to self: your body doesn't like fish so stop eating it fatty!) I am swollen to the point my pants are pinching my waist making me feel like a stuffed pig. And I have a husband complaining I'm always sick. Yes hubby, I choose to become ill for the fun it. I find it to be an excellent source of conversation: "So how are you?" Me-"Oh great, I've thrown up twice today, pooped about 8 times, I have large purple welts on my legs and I look about 3 months pregnant but am infertile. How are you?" 

And to top it all off, my due date is coming up and I've become super emotional again. Fabulous...

Something that always seems to make me laugh: If you haven't read this, please do so, you'll be crying like I was! Out of laughter...

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