Friday, July 8, 2011

Another Surgery....

Happy 4th Everyone! I know, I'm late. The weekend was a blur, every time I looked up, about 4 hours had passed by. We are finally settled into our new place which went amazingly smooth. Being the OCD freak that I am, I insisted we spend all of Sunday organizing and putting everything away. Along with hanging up art work and pictures. 

Let's rewind a little....

Friday we woke up super early and headed to the Creighton Model appointment which my husband learned first hand just how intense it can really be. Followed by a lovely picture book showing all the different kinds of mucus, which not going to lie, he found pretty interesting. Thank God he is not one of those squeamish guys. After about an hour we came to the conclusion that something is definitely going on. I've had about 10 days of consistent mucus which apparently anything over 7 days is abnormal. On top of that, the last few days I have been in a lot of pain. But we'll get back to that. And I barely had a period last month. So of course her first question is "Did you take a pregnancy test?" Lady, you're asking the girl who purchased the the pee strips in a pack of 100, of course I took a test, I've taken about 15!

After Creighton, we headed to Foxboro to meet with the surgeon. (We decided last week to postpone hubby's surgery after researching, we found out it may not help us at all. So we are holding off for the time being.) Turns out Dr. P's office is a mile from Patriot Place, which I have never seen. Of course, he was running behind, only about 15 mins though. Beginning with a consult, he was able to state he's 95% sure I have endometriosis. He's guessing it's pretty extensive by the symptoms I seem to be experiencing. Oddly enough he asked why we weren't trying IVF again, seeing as it by-passes any minor infertility problems. I explained I am sick of the "bandaid" approach and would like to finally feel good again. Especially since hubby has brought it to my attention that he can't remember the last time I  felt "good" for more than one day. 

Dr. P is also the only doctor to explain why the pill is causing cysts for me. Apparently the increase in estrogen stimulates the follicles and can assist them in continuing to grow. (Really, the 5 previous doctors couldn't explain that?!) My nerves have been pretty high seeing as I just started a new job and have had endless appointments and too many days off. The last time I went in for laproscopy I came out with a 6" incision and a month of bed rest. Dr. P assured me he has performed over 5500 of these and only in 5-10 cases he's had to go in by laparotomy. That was a little comforting. So surgery is scheduled for Wed, July 13th, putting a slight damper on our VT weekend scheduled for the 16th. I am praying I am feeling well enough to endure the 3 hour drive, but we'll see. 

After our appointment with Dr. P, we took a stroll through Patriot Place and had lunch at Red Robin. Their veggie burgers are fab, just sayin'. It was nice to get outside for a little while and process the face that I'm going in for surgery yet again. Hopefully this will be the last time.

So that's where we're at now. Heading in for surgery, feeling pretty crappy the last few days. Yesterday was so bad I came home from work and parked it on the sofa for the rest of the night. My lower abdomen was so swollen I had a pot belly, a nice firm pot belly. I am guessing it's from my attempt to eat dairy again. So goodbye dairy, back to veganism. I was hoping it was from being pregnant, but the last couple test stripes have displayed only one line. 

I must say, emotionally I'm still a little unstable, and the urge to burst into tears (with this being my previous delivery month) is lurking in the shadows. I am hoping the birth of my expected niece this week helps to occupy my mind enough to push the sadness away. That and I have a beautiful new home I can walk around in my undies as much as I please. I'd say that's reason enough to smile.

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