Sunday, July 17, 2011

Post Op

I realize I'm pretty late with giving you an update, however being on the sofa for 4 days straight left me with very little motivation.

I woke up Wednesday morning starving as usual but not able to eat or drink a thing. So my tummy was rumbling from moment one. I took a nice long shower knowing I would be stewing in my own filth for the next 3 days. Hubby and I hopped in the toaster (Honda Element) with pillows, blankets and a cooler filled with coconut water, Gatorade, bananas and some bread. (Assuming I'd be starving still and quite thirsty after surgery.)

We arrived at Sturdy Hospital in Attleboro 30 mins before we were supposed to and greeted at the ER by free valet. Perfect way to start the day! Talk about an efficient hospital. The longest wait we had was registration, which we only sat for 2 mins. Filled out the paperwork and headed to the lab for pre op bloodwork. Again, sat for a couple minutes and headed right in. Of course the day I can't eat or drink they require 4 vials of blood. Last time I had 6 on an empty stomach it took me 45 mins to recover, being on the verge of passing out the entire time. After supplying them with the smallest amount of pee known to man, we were directed to Day Care Surgery. Which in my opinion is the strangest name. I always picture a day care filled with screaming children who's parents are in surgery. Anyways, the friendliest, slowest moving elderly woman volunteer escorts us about 10 feet to the check in desk, then shows us another 12 feet to the waiting room.

A very friendly female nurse with bleach blond hair brings me to a changing room. She politely asks if the surgery is for fertility, which I kindly responded yes. She then goes on to explain her mother had the same surgery to conceive her many years ago. "God works in mysterious ways." she said. "Stay positive, it will happen." The "johnny" she hands me is about 3 sizes too big. However it has attachments and insulation that hooks up to a heater. Heaven! A few minutes later I'm brought to my gurney and lay myself down. Thinking it's going to be a long wait seeing as we're early, the nurse turns on my own private tv. Ellen calmed my nerves for the next hour. Unfortunately, Dr. P was running behind: assisting a C-section and waiting on the arrival of twins who were adamant on arriving prior to my surgery. We were scheduled for 11:30am, but didn't get in until about 12-12:30.

I'm always taken back by how quickly the "relaxer" IV kicks in. My eyes immediately felt heavy. I can hardly remember being wheeled away from Hubby, or moving to the surgical gurney. I woke up with my eyes flashing open, then close. What felt like an hour, probably was. Coming in and out until my nurse asked "Are you awake, or do you need to sleep more?" I some how managed to mumble "" and I'm out. At some point I finally awoke for good. Hubby greets me in the post op area. Surgery was successful. Dr. P removed alot of scar tissue from my previous surgery. There was endo on my bowels and intestines that he was able to remove as well. Only stage 1 or 2 though. Being the sweetheart that he is, Dr. P quickly popped in before his next surgery to discuss everything that happened.

On the ride home, sunny skies turned into dark ominous clouds. Pouring rain with the sun still shining, I knew there had to be a rainbow. Low and behold, outside my window was a faded, quickly disappearing rainbow. For any spiritual readers of mine, the rainbow is a sign from heaven. Being my grandfather's birthday, I'm assuming it was a sign from him trying to calm my fears.

The next few days weren't as bad as expected. I was given a Percoset prior to leaving the hospital along with a Rx. The nurse explained that the gas they pumped into my stomach will be the most painful part. Taking 3-4 days to absorb in my body, the gas rises and causes some intense pain. (Having already known the feeling, I was looking forward to it.) We didn't fill the Rx right away, I am not a fan of Percoset nor any real pain killers. Dr. P had left me with 1-2L of fluid in my abdomen as well. Apparently letting the tissue float in fluid keeps from scar tissue building up. This can tak 2-3 days for the body to absorb. Friday came along with a grease ball of hair on my head. Hubby got home from work and I begged for a shower. It took me a good 20 mins to remove the bandages. (Most of the 20 mins was telling myself I wasn't going to pass out or hurl.) I must say, all in all the pain hasn't been too bad. Ibuprofen and ice packs took away the majority of it.

This morning hubby and I slept in. After 4 days on the sofa and countless hours of My So Called Life, I was adamant on going out to breakfast. A local farm that we adore, who every waitress knows us by name was top choice of course. With a long deck over looking their apple orchards, we sat. The waitress came up asking where hubby's parents were today (who usually dine with us). Then said "So when are you two going to have some kids?" Normally this would have made me pretty emotional, sad and annoyed that someone would bring it up. Today was different. "You two are going to have the most adorable kids, I can't wait to see them!"

Neither can I!

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