Sunday, December 5, 2010

Hello December

Goodbye November! I will not miss you one bit, too much sadness for one month. Thankfully we welcomed December with open arms to good news.

After a smooth flight back from Fort Myers Thursday night, hubby was back to work early Friday. Thinking he would not be able to sneak away for our ultrasound after being away for two weeks, his boss was kind enough to let him leave. We met in Lexington at 11:15 and were escorted in to the room by the same sweet ultrasound tech as last time. New Christmas oven mitts adorned the stirrups, and the heating pad was on high. (It was as comfortable as it could be.)

On the screen showed a large gestational sack and a somewhat fuzzy outline of the baby. Took a few moments but she was able to find the heart beat. A little flicker on the screen took our breath away. Then, we heard a very faint and some what muffled heartbeat. It was a strong 129 beats per minute. In just 10 days the baby has gone from 4mm to 11.5mm. Almost tripling in size.

That was the last appointment we will have with the IVF doctors. It is now time to find a new OB. Although I really like my current OB, he only delivers at Leominster or Worcester. Which don't get me wrong, are both great hospitals. However, I am hoping to use hypnobirthing and a more natural approach to our baby's birth. Emerson guarantees you a private room, welcomes hypnobirthing and has several rooms for water births.

So far, my nausea has passed. I'm feeling pretty good. Although I am still very tired, I feel great. Which I'm sure that now I'm saying this, everything will change. But for now, I am enjoy feeling somewhat normal. I have continued to have swelling and bloating. My belly is already starting to look pregnant. Didn't realize that was possible at 7 weeks, but apparently it is. Pants are already starting to get tight...oh fun.


  1. Awesome and wonderful news!! Congratulations and I pray you will continue to feel great... you deserve smooth sailing from this point on!!

  2. Hurray, Hurray, Hurray! I've been waiting with baited breath to hear the results of your ultrasound. There's nothing like the thrill of hearing that hearbeat for the first time. Congratulation to you both!!!

  3. Congratulations Celia! How exciting=) I cried like a baby the first time we heard Jack's heartbeat! And no worries about the clothes thing- I was in maternity clothes at 8 weeks! So happy for you=)

  4. So exciting! My OB/GYN is at Emerson -- Dr. Michelle Sinopoli -- she's great!