Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Rules to live b

Expect When You're Trying......

  1. A roller coaster ride of emotion.
  2. Crying yourself to sleep for no reason.
  3. Anger when you get your period. Hope it's the rare case of bleeding during pregnancy.
  4. Praying the flutters and cramping is from implementation.
  5. Clear mucus means you're ovulating, so you jump your husband every chance you get.
  6. Bleeding during intercourse during mid cycle is ovulating. Jump your husband.
  7. Everyone else will be pregnant before you.

Things you notice when you're infertile........

  1. The eye brow raise from on lookers when you don't drink at weddings.
  2. The "I pity you" look when someone realizes you're struggling.
  3. How everyone seems to be pregnant.
  4. How everyone else IS pregnant.
  5. The lovely stories of how easy it was for others to get pregnant.
  6. Realizing how many years, months, cycles it's been.
  7. Your husband attempts to block the view of a pregnant passerby.

All the things running through your mind....
  1. Am I pregnant?
  2. When did I ovulate?
  3. How many days post peak am I?
  4. Is that bitch pregnant before me?
  5. Is that a line?
  6. Is this finally my month?
  7. How many more months am I going to have to wait?
Appropriate times to punch someone in the face.....
  1. "You just need to stop trying, then you'll get pregnant."
  2. "God has a plan for you, you just don't know it yet."
  3. "I slipped on the floor, and BAM, I was pregnant."
  4. "You can have my kids!"
  5. "Are you really sure you want to have kids?"
  6. "You can borrow my husband."
  7. "Don't bother, kids are a waste of time."
Anyone else have thoughts or quotes they've heard? Please share!

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